About Ruth

I seek out variety so I have been and done many things in my life.Photo - Headshot of Ruth

I have been a computer programmer, an analyst, a manager, a daycare center director, a performer (juggler, folk band member), a writer, a camp counsellor, a vehicle technician (untrained) in the army reserves, an entrepreneur, a photographer, a hotel front desk clerk, a data coder, a sales clerk and a chambermaid, among other things.

But what I have done more than anything else in my life, what I am called to do, drawn to do, is to help people to learn.  In this teaching capacity I have been a university instructor, an early childhood educator, a corporate trainer, a sexuality educator, a leadership facilitator, a tutor, a youth group leader, an ESL teacher and a developer of curriculum.

Learning and helping others to learn are my life-long passions.