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Bike Helmet information links (for use in the Short Formal Report in 3123 course)

In your report, when you make claims about bike helmet safety or you make claims that making rules/laws that people must wear bike helmets leads to fewer injuries and deaths you MUST provide factual support for the claims and cite the source of your information.

Note: You should be aware that there is a very vocal anti-helmet contingent on the Internet.  In general their views are not supported by facts.  Keep in mind that your organization believes in the value of bicycle helmets and is trying to promote their use in China.  You will lose marks if you include information in your report that comes from any anti-helmet propaganda sites.

Here are some information sources for bicycle helmet use and value. Do NOT quote from or cite this webpage -- go to the source webpage and quote or cite from there: 

You can go to these Internet sites and use information from them
The Bicycle Safety Institute - everything you need to know about helmets and helmet use. This is the main page on a large site with a lot of information. Explore the site to find information to support your points.  A list of states in America where bicycle helmets are mandatory. Abstract for a study of the effect of helmet laws on fatalities.  It concludes that helmet laws have saved 130 lives by the year 2000, and if all states had implemented helmet laws, 1500 lives would have been saved.  A doctor who did a study of helmet effectiveness responds to critics who would like to repeal laws requiring mandatory helmet use in Australia.

"Heads Up on Bike Safety" - China Daily Article on the helmet promotion.  a site promoting general helmet use for bikes, motorcycles, and all terrain vehicles.  Good source for quotes about bike helmets.  another good page for quotes about the value of helmets.  scroll down on this page for some good statistics on helmet value.
Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative (GHVI) aims to promote motorcycle helmet wearing across the developing world, working in partnership with governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations.
The Yangtze Evening Post Article: Getting the news out about bicycle helmet safety to the Chinese people in the most popular evening paper in Jiangsu Province.  

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Remember that you will need to properly reference your sources (use APA formating guidelines from last term's essay course), so when you find information you want to use in your report you will need:

the site name
the author or organization name
the date the information was posted
the URL (internet address for the information.