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ENG 3123 - Written Business Communication

The reading for a given week should be read before you come to class that week (except for the first week of the course). I suggest that you print handouts that include formatting examples and bring to class to use to help you do practice assignments. Double-click on the name of the reading to download.

Assignment instructions will be posted for download after the class when it is assigned. Double-click on the name of the assignment to download.

Learn to change the Justification of your documents in Word – Or Getting a Ragged Right Edge. A step-by-step guide for Chinese versions of MS Word 97-2003, with screen shots.

Use assignment formatting, unless the assignment instructions tell you to do something else.

Short Formal Report
Outline (2.5%) due: Week 16, On or before the Morning Class. They can be also be reviewed and approved (by Ruth or David) in the Afternoon class on Monday or Tuesday
1st draft of report (2.5%) due: Week 17, Monday or Tuesday
Final draft of report (30%) due: On or Before December 30, 2012

Final draft of Report may be handed in directly to Ruth or David at their home on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday of Week 17. Click here for their address.

Short Formal Report
Assignment Instructions

Potential Survey Questions
for options 1 and 2

Short Formal Report
Outline form

Bike Helmet Research Material on Short Formal Report

Short Formal Report

(this is the same material that appears at the end of the Business Report handout)


(Print & Read; bring to class)

Assignment Instructions
(An assignment link will become active after the assignment is assigned in class)

(to related information on the Web)

Outline Forms
(for use with exercises in the book in the morning classes)


General Business Writing Tips

Assignment 1: Future Goals

Writing Tips



Letter Writing Formats

Assignment 2: Letter


Information Letter Outline
Instruction Letter Outline
Personal Letter Outline
Transmittal Letter Outline


Email Handout

Email Assignment walkthrough PowerPoint

Assignment 3: Email

Morning class homework: Exercise 4.2: Request
You can use the Request Letter Outline (found in the right-hand column)




Memo Assignment walkthrough PowerPoint

Assignment 4: Memorandum



Business Reports

Assignment 5: Informal Report
updated: December 5

Business Reports


Communicating at Work textbook - Chapter 10: Illustrating Business Reports

Assignment 6: Illustrated Report

Illustrating Business Reports



Notices Handout

No assignment




**Morning and Afternoon classes this week will be in Room 2A120 (where morning classes usually are)**

In Class (Morning and Afternoon): Work on Short Formal Report.

Ruth/David will look at 1st drafts of Short Formal Reports and give feedback.

Completed Final drafts of Short Formal Reports can be handed in.


Improving Your Writing

APA Guide



No classes this week


No classes this week


No classes this week


Links to other websites with material related to the course: 

General Business Writing Tips:

            Writing Tips – general writing techniques for cover letters, adverts, brochures, sales literature, reports

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Formal Letter Writing         
Letter Writing Guide – includes many different types of letters with example letters  
Guide to Basic Business Letters
Better Writing – Letter Writing –

Business Letter Examples -

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Emails (parts of each of these sites were used in the Email lecture)

20 Rules of Writing Effective Business E-Mails    
How to Write a Business Email
Business Email Writing – short
Email Etiquette – includes 32 most important email etiquette tips
10 Tips for writing business emails that say the right thing about you

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Memo Writing – on OWL at Purdue website
How to Write a Memo – Standard conventions for inter-office business correspondence
How to Write Memos – on Gallaudet University website

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Business Reports

Writing Reports – Using the Business report format
How to Write a Business Report – Includes an example report
How to Write a Business Report – Focus on simplifying
How to Organize and Write a Business Report
Write a Business Report – 7 tips for writing better business reports; report writing resources

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Illustrating Business Reports

Types of Graphics Used in Business Reports – Talks about advantages and disadvantages of different types of graphics
Graphics - on website

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            Constructing a Brochure or Pamphlet – How to construct the leaflet style of notice
            Notice – Introduction and Guidelines
            Notice – Tips on Notice Writing

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Improving Your Writing

Capitalizing Letters – Some capitalization rules for writing English
Capitalization – 17 rules
A Little Help with Capitals – from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Clarity in Writing – 14 tips
Improving Sentence Clarity – from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Clarity in Business Writing: Tools and Strategies – Using tools in MSWord to help
200 Common Redundancies – Eliminate needless repetition from your Writing
Cut the Clutter – 10 good small words that can replace many longer words in your writing
5 More Ways to Cut the Clutter – Suggestions to help you write more concisely

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Meeting Minutes

How to Write Meeting Minutes – Brief introduction to writing meeting minutes.
How to Write Useful, Accurate Minutes – Why, what, and specific language conventions
Taking Minutes – Before you write the minutes up you’ve got to take the minutes during the meeting

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Your Guide to Resume Writing
Machine Readable Resume
12 Common Mistakes in Resume Writing
Top Ten Tips From a Recruiter's Perspective
What Do Employers Really Want? – Top Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job-Seekers
Sample Resumes – for many difference jobs, Accountants, Engineers, International Business, etc.
Creative Professionals: Does Your Resume Reflect Your Design Skills? – Advice for creative professionals regarding resume and design
How to Write an International CV

Effective Tips on Resume. Write a Statement of Purpose for Overseas Study in UK – from Krishna Consultants, studies abroad counselors

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