Culture Question:

Cultural differences (in pictures) between German and Chinese People?


(posted: Oct. 24,2010)

The following were drawn by Yang Liu (source information at the end):

Yang Liu was born in 1976 in Beijing, China. Since 1990 lives in Germany. She studied at UWE at Bristol, UK and gradueted with Master degree for Design in 2000 at the University of Arts Berlin, with Prof. Holger Matthies, since 1999 she has worked with Derek Birdsall in London, 2000 -2002 with Thomas Manss London and Berlin, 2003 - 2004 Chermayeff & Geismar New York, since 2004 she has established Yang Liu Design in Berlin.

The design of cultural differences. Germans are the blue side, Chinese the red:

1) Complaints (or suggestions)

2) Lifestyle                                    

3) Punctuality                                   

4) Human network                                   

5) Attitudes toward anger

6) Standing in line

7) Ego                                                                

8) Streets on Sundays

9) Parties 

10) In restaurants (decibels)

11) Standard of aesthetic beauty (tan level)

12) Problem solving

13) Three meals a day (hot or cold)

14) Transportation preferences (1970 and present)

15) Dailylife                                                               

16) Time of showers

17) Mood and weather

18) View of superiors

19) Children                                                                    

20) Approach to new things
21) Travel                                                                                          【转】图释德国人和中国人的差异鈥斺斄跹铩抖飨嘤觥

22) Fashion                                                                            

23) What to drink when you have stomach pains 【转】图释德国人和中国人的差异鈥斺斄跹铩抖飨嘤觥

24) How they imagine the other culture


Yang Liu. “The Design of Cultural Difference”, ( 24-Oct-2010

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