Culture Question:

Do Western people eat bread every day?
Won’t they be tired of that?

(posted: Nov. 30, 2010)

Many people in the West do eat bread every day. You should keep in mind that there are many different kinds of bread: flat bread, French, sourdough, bagels, pita, rye, whole wheat, croissants and corn bread, to name but a few.

Toast is common with breakfast. This is when bread has been sliced and then slices of bread are toasted (heated on both sides until crisp and brown).

Sandwiches are common with lunch. A basic sandwich is made with two slices of bread and then there is stuff put between then. There are more kinds of sandwiches than there are types of bread. Some of the most common sandwiches are: ham and cheese, club (a variety of processed meats, layered with different cheeses, lettuce and tomato), reuben (sauerkraut and corned beef), BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato), toasted cheese, egg salad, chicken salad and, of course, the favourite among children, peanut butter and jam.

Bread is not as common with dinner as there are other staples that are eaten a lot with dinner (potatoes, noodles and rice). Dinner rolls or garlic bread are probably the two most common ways that breads are eaten with dinner. And we shouldn’t forget hamburger and hotdog buns, yet another type of bread.

As to whether Western people get tired of bread, I leave you with a question: Do Chinese people who eat rice or noodles every day get tired of those?

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Many types of bread