Culture Question:

Do you all buy things in the supermarket?

(posted: Nov. 30, 2010)

The majority of people in the West buy most of their food for cooking in a supermarket. This is mostly due to the convenience. The supermarkets are well stocked with a wide variety of food items including vegetables and fruit from around the world.

Some people will buy vegetables, when they can, from a farmers’ market. These are smaller markets, often temporary (only open certain days of the week, and/or in certain seasons. They are usually outdoors Farmers may bring their produce directly to the farmers’ market to sell, or an agent may sell for them. Generally produce at a farmers’ market is fresher and more local than the produce at the supermarket.

Some people will pay extra to buy organic food. Organic food is food grown with little or no pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

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Supermarket veggie layout