Culture Question:

What do Western people eat every day?

(posted: May 12, 2011)

This is an impossible question to answer because there are many, many different cuisines within Western Culture. The answer to this question would be different for people living in Europe or North America or Australasia. It would be different depending on which country in each of these areas that you were looking at and even which region within the country you were looking at. I have included a picture of many types of bread with this write-up as bread is something that many Westerners eat some of every day. Even bread may not be eaten regularly by all types of Westerners though.

A Wikipedia article looking at European cuisines divides them into Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western cuisines. With between seven to sixteen country divisions in each of these cuisine groupings. It further subdivides some countries into regional cuisines with Spain topping the count with thirteen regional cuisines.

That Wikipedia article is a very good leaping off point for exploring these regional differences as each country and regional cuisine has a link to its own page, many with photographs as well as descriptions of traditional dishes and eating habits in the regions. So just click on the link to the source article below and enjoy your culinary journey of discovery.


  1. Wikipedia. “European Cuisine”, ( European_cuisine), 12-May-2011.

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Poster of different kinds of bread