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I want to know why Scotland man should wear skirts sometimes, especially on some traditional festivals?

(posted: Oct 24, 2010)

The ‘skirt’ you are referring to is called a kilt. It is a traditional garment of the Scottish Highlanders and has come to be a part of the Scottish National identity. The kilt is only worn by men (there are skirts made from similar tartan cloth, but in a different style, for women). The pattern of the tartan often represents a certain clan (family) and so people usually wear the tartan that is associated with their clan. The tartans have a plaid pattern and are made of woollen cloth in a variety of reds, greens, blues, blacks and even yellows.

As kilts are an accepted and respected garment for Scottish men, it is not unusual to see Scottish men wearing them during traditional festivals or formal events.

I was at a wedding in Scotland once where all of the men wore kilts. It was quite wonderful to have the men dressed colorfully.


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Scottish boy scouts in kilts


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