Culture Question:

How to Americans spend their vacations?
Or what do they do during their vacations?

(posted: Oct 17, 2010)

“Most Americans rank visiting a beach or a lake or just spending time with family and friends at the top of their lists for vacation activities,”  at least according to a 2001 survey by Bear Stearns reported by Highbeam Research. They go on to say that Americans like new experiences and that they travel when they are able to.

According to TenFootSquare website, when American’s go abroad they are particularly fond of:  Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and Mexico. Domestic destinations of choice include Las Vegas, Hawaii, Alaska, beaches and theme parks in Florida (like Walt Disney World and the Sea World) and national parks (such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite) as well as lakes, seaside resorts, and camping sites.

The Market Research Bulletin reported on an International survey that was carried out by GfK Association just this year. This study confirmed that many Americans like to visit friends and relatives when they vacation (25%). Some of them, it reported, also like to play sports (16%) and others to hang out in bars, discos or clubs (15%). The survey revealed that Americans mostly stay within their own country though, with only 17% of them travelling abroad. According to this study popular vacation spots for American tourists included South and Central America. 


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