Life in China

The Challenges of Learning Chinese

Just what are you getting in to? Taking a close look at listening, speaking, reading and writing challenges you will face when learning Chinese.

Includes suggestions to help you surmount the challenges. Posted: March 27, 2011

Learning Chinese: Teacher at blackboard with Chinese writing


Teaching in China
Reflections on my experiences teaching here including the cost of living, wages, and positions

Ruth with students


Shop Talk
Aid to grocery shopping in China. Key product label information translated. Photo with each entry.

Ruth grocery shops in Wuxi,  China at DaRunFa


Kunming and Travelling with a Dog in China
An excerpt from an email message I wrote about taking our dog with us to Kunming over the Spring Festival holiday in 2007, including going through airport security with her.

picture: Ruth with GouGou on her lap