Links (of interest to Ruth)

   Personal Connections
            The Man In China – My man in China’s site
            Flickr – Specifically, my photos on Flickr

   Search Engines – When you want to know something
            Google  -- Still one of the best search engines for general information and pictures
            100 Search Engines – To show some variety

   Information and News
            TED lectures – “Ideas worth spreading” indeed. Watch and go WOW (or Neat! Or Hmmmm)
            Arts & Letters Daily – Brief lead in and links to varied, interesting articles
            CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s news website
            Religious Tolerance – Well-balanced and researched without any promoting a particular religion
            Schneier on Security – “A blog covering security and security technology”
            10 year Currency Converter – When you want to know what the exchange rate used to be
            eLong – Great for booking flights within China
            Winnipeg Weather – Weather report for my hometown
            Wuxi Weather – Weather report for where I am living right now

   Learning Chinese
              Wenlin – Fantastic Chinese-English dictionary software for learning Chinese
              Anki – “Friendly, intelligent flashcards”. A free download. I use Anki daily to practice Chinese
              Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk – Great lessons! The oral stuff is free and his delivery is clear
              Learning to See Chinese Characters – A primer for understanding how Chinese characters are put together

   Canadian University Information
              Canadian Universities – List of Universities and Colleges in Canada. Includes links to websites of the schools
              Canadian Universities – List of Universities in Canada.
                                                     Links to a comprehensive write-up about each school
                                                     Includes: profile, fees, programs, degrees, housing, research, International education 
              Canadian Universities and Colleges – Higher Education and Employment in Canada

  Web Comics – Pleasant diversions
              Schlock Mercenary – Space opera, funny, intelligent, warped
              Order of the Stick  – For D&D gaming geeks
              Evil Inc. – Comic book superhero spoof
              Get Fuzzy – Talking cat and dog and their interplay with their human
              Girl Genius – Steam punk science fiction
              xkcd – “Stick-figure strip featuring humour about technology, science, mathematics and relationships”