This is the first song I ever wrote with a guitar accompaniment. I wrote it for my father in 1992 when he was diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to give him something, but not something tangible. It is filled with healing metaphors. I had the great honor of playing it for him a number of times while he was still alive. After he died I was asked to play it at his funeral where the metaphors of healing and renewal became a gift to those of us who grieved his loss. Everytime I play it, I think of him.

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There is Life (originally titled: Awakening)
by Ruth Anderson

Frigid cold clamps the ground, snow falling all around
Seals the grizzly in its den
Spring thaw touches the air, loosing hold on the lair
And the giant wakes again
Because there’s life. There is life.

There is endless persistence, prevailing resistance
moving timelessly anew.
Unique and unfolding, releasing and holding
with a drive to be and do.
There is life. There is life.

Got a seed that is dry, it’s shivelled by and by
and I put it in the earth
Got some water in a can, I pour it on the land
and I watch the seed give birth
Because there’s life. There is life.

Fire burning in the trees, brings the forest to its knees
leaving ashes in its wake.
With the sun, rain and wind, the green begins again;
it’s the path of give and take
Because there’s life. There is life.


Capo 1    D A D A G D

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