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Click on a song to see the lyrics and get a link to either download a recording I have made of the song or go to a site on the Internet where you can listen to the song.

* Indicates a song I have recorded. You can go to the song's page to download.

Ruth's Songs

*Maria -- a song I wrote about stories my mother told about my grandmother

*Shaping -- a reflection on how what we do shapes our lives

*There is Life (originally titled "Awakening") -- a song I wrote for my father

*Working Dog -- a bit of musical whimsy

Chinese Songs

*Xiao Cao -- a beautiful, lyrical song about small grass feeling connected to the world. Audio versions with both Chinese and English lyrics and with just the Chinese lyrics are available to download.

English Songs

Four Strong Winds


Waltzing With Bears

Other Languages

*Frere Jacques (as a multi-lingual round - French, English, Chinese English)