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Western Culture for NEMs (Non-English Majors)

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Culture Questions: Answers to students’ questions about culture, Western, British, or even American



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Culture Questions

Culture Review ppt

Daily Life


Western Thought Questions

Western Thought Review ppt

Western Thought


Western Religion Questions

Religion Review ppt



Science Questions

Science Review ppt



Family etc Questions

Dating, Marriage, Family Review ppt

Dating, Marriage, Family


Attitudes & Views Questions

Attitudes and Views Review ppt

Attitudes and Views


Education Questions

Education Review ppt



Sports Questions

Sports Review ppt



Manners & Food Questions

Table Manners & Food Review ppt

Table Manners & Food


Holiday Questions

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Subcultures ppt



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 Links to material related to the course:                                     


Western World  – what does the term mean?
Western Culture– on Wikipedia
UK Trash Culture – a more in-depth look at Trash Culture in the UK, how it propagates, what is being done about it, etc.

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Daily Life

Clothes: What Clothes Do People Wear in England? – from, an excellent site.
Food: Typical Traditional British Dishes – from, an excellent site.
Food: Traditional Foods of Scotland and Wales – from, an excellent site.
Food: Meals and Meal Times – from, an excellent site.
Food: Sample School Dinner (Lunch) Menu – from, an excellent site.
House: Houses in England – from, an excellent site.
House: Inside a Typical English House – from, an excellent site.
Shopping: Shops in England – from, an excellent site.
Shopping: How Much Things Cost in England – from, an excellent site.
Teenagers: Teenagers Life in England/UK – from, an excellent site.
Teenagers: Teenagers Working Part Time in England – from, an excellent site.
Transportation: Types of Transport in Britain – from, an excellent site.
Transportation: Driving in Britain – from, an excellent site.

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History of Western Thought

            History of Western Philosophy
            Greek Philosophy  – on Wikipedia
            Greek Philosophy – for Kids, so it is not very complex
            The Ancient Greeks
            Rome – a Brief Overview
            Ancient Rome – on Wikipedia
            Ancient Rome – for Kids, so it is not very complex
            Timeline of Ancient Rome
            Medieval Times or Middle Ages – on Wikipedia
            Medieval Life
            Renaissance – on Wikipedia
            Colonialism – on Wikipedia
            Colonialism – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
            The Protestant Reformation – on Wikipedia
            Industrial Revolution – on Wikipedia
            Adam Smith – on Wikipedia
            Adam Smith – a biographical sketch
            Karl Marx – on Wikipedia
            Karl Marx – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Western Religion

           Christianity – Various definitions from
           Christianity –
           Protestant Reformation – Various definitions from
           What Religions are there in Britain? – from, an excellent site.
           History of Religion in Britain – from Scroll down page to get to History.
                                                                 Brief history since Christianity came to Britain.

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What is Science? – a definition, and links to other resources about the nature and process of science
Some Definitions of Science
What is Technology? – Various definitions and explanations from
History of Science – on Wikipedia. Covers more than just Western science
Ancient Greek Science – for Kids, so it is not very complex
Science in Medieval Islam – on Wikipedia
Scientific Revolution – describes the scientific method; talks about the Enlightenment and Enlightenment thinkers
Scientific Revolution – on Wikipedia
A Brief History of Gravity – from the Canadian Space Agency
The Scientific Method – explanation using a diagram; explains why scientific theories must be falsifiable
The Values that Underlie Science – from the Curriculum and Instruction Division, Saskatchewan Education, Canada

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Dating, Marriage, Family

Daily Life of an English Boy – from This was presented in class with a few additions explaining Cub Scouts, etc.
Dating (Activity)– on Wikipedia
Dating and Marriage Customs in Britain – from, an excellent site
Bachelor And Stag Parties
Wedding – on Wikipedia
Wedding Rituals
Wedding Ceremony Participants – on Wikipedia. Bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, etc.
Wedding Anniversary Gift Lists
History of Marriage – in the Western world
Marriage – on Wikipedia
Same-sex Marriage – on Wikipedia
Changing Values and Norms of the British Family – from, an excellent site
Family, Work and Childcare – Many statistics regarding family structure in the U.S.
Family – on Wikipedia
Scouts and Cubs – on Wikipedia. Organizations for children and youth focussing on outdoor activities

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Attitudes and Views

British Social Customs – from, an excellent site.
Acceptable Behaviour in England – from, an excellent site.
UK Student Life: Polite Social Behaviour – Scroll down the page to get to the content.
British Pub Etiquette
New Zealand: Culture, Etiquette and Customs
Australia: What is Considered Polite Behaviour?
Australia: How do we Greet People?
Australia: Clothing Customs
American Manners, Etiquette and Protocol
Introduction to American Business Etiquette – this is a video (no subtitles though)
Etiquette in North America– on Wikipedia
Canada: Social Interactions (Small but Important Things) – McMaster University, advice for International Students

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Canada’s Education Systems – Diagram. This is in a pdf.
Information for students educated abroad applying for admission to Canadian universities and colleges
Canadian Universities – List of Universities and Colleges in Canada. Includes links to websites of the schools
Canadian Universities – List of Universities in Canada.
Links to a comprehensive write-up about each school
Includes: profile, fees, programs, degrees, housing, research, International education 
Canadian Universities and Colleges – Higher Education and Employment in Canada
Great Britain: General Education
Introduction to Education in England– from, an excellent site.
UK Education Systems
Educational System in Australia
Education in Australia– on Wikipedia
New Zealand Education
Education in New Zealand– on Wikipedia
USA Education System
Applying for a US F-1 Student Visa
Tips for Adjusting to University Life – from the University of Buffalo

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Baseball – on Simple English Wikipedia
How to Play Baseball – you have to scroll down past some ads to get to the information
Cricket – on Wikipedia
How to Play Rugby
How to Play Ice Hockey
Golf – on Wikipedia
Rodeo – on Wikipedia. Scroll down to get a description of competitive events
American Football – on Wikipedia
How to Play Lacrosse – on wikiHow
Canadian Football – on Wikipedia
Sports Played in Britain – from, an excellent site.
Football Hooliganism– on Wikipedia
Fox Hunting – on Wikipedia
Learn the Equestrian Sport of Polo – SportPolo website
Australian Rule Football Explained – fairly simple explanation
Australian Rules Football – on Wikipedia. More details, including pictures
How to Play Netball – fairly simple explanation
Netball – on Wikipedia. More details, including pictures

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Table Manners and Food

Eating Etiquette – from, an excellent site.
Food Etiquette – in the UK
13 Basic Table Manners for Kids – You have to scroll down a bit to get to the numbered list.
Proper Table Manners – a fairly formal view
How to Improve your Table Manners
Chinese Dinners vs Western Dinners – a comparison
Typical Traditional British Dishes – from, an excellent site.
Traditional Foods of Scotland and Wales – from, an excellent site.
Meals and Meal Times – from, an excellent site.
Sample School Dinner (Lunch) Menu – from, an excellent site.
American Recipes – Each recipe has a picture, many showing you the dish. Scroll down to reach the recipes.
Breakfast– on Wikipedia
Lunch – on Wikipedia
Dinner– on Wikipedia
Supper – on Wikipedia
Tipping – in Britain

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New Year’s DayJanuary 1
Australia DayJanuary 26.     Includes letters from Australians describing Australia Day.
Waitangi DayFebruary 6.     New Zealand National Day
Valentine’s Day, A History ofFebruary 14
St. Patrick’s DayMarch 17.     On Wikipedia
April Fool’s DayApril 1
April Fool’s Day, Well-known Pranks– on Wikipedia
April Fool’s Day prank – China and Canada to Form one Country
Easter, the Traditions ofdate varies from year to year, but in March or April
St. George’s DayApril 23
ANZAC DayApril 25.     On Wikipedia
Mother’s Day2nd Sunday in May
Father’s Day, A History of3rd Sunday in June
Canada DayJuly 1.     On Wikipedia
Independence DayJuly 4.     On Wikipedia. Birthday of the U.S.A.
Thanksgiving, Canadian 2nd Monday in October.     On Wikipedia
Halloween, What’s Behind itOctober 31.
Remembrance DayNovember 11.     On Wikipedia. Also known as Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Poppy Day
Thanksgiving, American 4th Thursday in November.     On Wikipedia
ChristmasDecember 25.     Lots of links to further information about different aspects of Christmas
Boxing DayDecember 26.     On Wikipedia
KwanzaaDecember 26 to January 1
New Year’s EveDecember 31.     On Wikipedia

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